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Boxing and 52 Blocks
A comparison

Boxing is known as - The Sweet Science.

52 Blocks is known as - The Art of Defense.


Boxing learned the right way, is the pugilist way.

Boxing is recognized as the best way to learn striking for the Ring or for the Octagon.

In the Octagon they strike from a solid foundation in Boxing, but they also allow strikes, that would be considered “Dirty” in a Boxing Match.


This is called “Dirty Boxing”, and it would be if applied in Boxing.

But as it is within the rules in MMA, it is not really considered dirty, that’s just a name to describe the style of Boxing that is allowed in MMA.

Where “Dirty Boxing” differs from Classic Boxing is in the strikes allowed and the way they are thrown.

“Dirty Boxing” allows:

Holding and striking
Striking with the Elbow
Spinning Strikes
Different striking surfaces such as Hammerfists and Shoulder Strikes

52 Blocks is founded in Boxing and shares both Footwork and Punch Logistics.

But at the same time, all of the strikes i “Dirty Boxing” are allowed in 52 Blocks.

The Blocks and parries, the Head Movement are shared in Boxing and 52 Blocks.

52 Blocks add some Blocks, using Specific Shapes, that are not typical in Boxing.

Some Blocks are shared between the two systems, but they have different names.

An example could be the Cross Arm Block, that Archie Moore famously taught to George Foreman.

In Boxing it is known as:
Cross Arm Guard - The Armadillo - The Turtle Shell.
It's even recognized as an early Peek A Boo guard.

In 52 Blocks it is known as:
Rob the Bank.

Apart from the special Blocks of 52 Blocks and the “Dirty Boxing”, Boxing and 52 Blocks share the same foundation in Striking, Blocking, and Moving.

Boxing is primarily a sport for the ring, that could serve as an effective means of Self Defense.

52 Blocks started with early African American Prize Fighters/Boxers.
It was shared in African American communities as a means of Self Defense and later, with the introduction of MMA, it is used as a way to learn “Dirty Boxing”.

Both Boxing and 52 Blocks share the Classic High Guard Stance, the Philly Shell Stance, The Peek A Boo Stance, and for the confident fighter the Low Hands Strance.

The latter stance is for the chosen few and is not one I would recommend unless you are supremely confident in your abilities, and even then I would recommend, that it is used sparingly, supported by Expert Footwork and Head Movement.

Boxing and 52 Blocks complement each other because they share a foundation, but they can serve different purposes.

In learning either one, you should start by finding the right coach.


I can coach both because I have always been good at finding exceptional coaches,

to learn my craft from, ensuring my coaching skills are on a different level from most.

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