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What is Hybrid Boxing

Hybrid Skjold FAD.png
Hybrid Skjold FAD.png

I chose the name Hybrid Boxing because I teach multiple styles of Boxing, so your style will be a Hybrid - see reasons for learning different Styles here: Finding Your Style

Hybrid Boxing is - Boxing learned the right way
Hybrid Boxing is - The Pugilist Way

The two statements above are bold statements, but they are statements I make with confidence.
The reason I confidently can make these statements is because I learned my Boxing in The School Of Boxing - TSOB.


TSOB is a place of higher learning, giving you a complete education in all aspects of Boxing.
Inside TSOB you are not just given an education, you too must provide value.


It takes time, dedication, effort, sacrifice, determination, and a clear focus.

Once inside TSOB, you will be held to high standards and if you deliver, on a continuous basis, then you will be accepted into the Fraternity that is TSOB.
In TSOB we learn by following a strict process - #FollowTheProcess


I am a product of TSOB, which is why I confidently make the two statements above.


I will teach you Boxing - The Right Way - The Pugilist Way.

I will teach you Boxing by following the process.

The Process:

When you learn by process, it means that you learn step by step, gaining muscle memory, and moving to the next level, only when you are ready.

One tool in This Process is to teach and practice skills in Tiers.

Tier 1 is walkthrough allowing you to slow each movement down, so you can analyze and understand each movement, weight transfer, position of hands and feet, etc…..

Tier 2 is average speed allowing you to perform the skill fluently - Slow with flow.

Tier 3 is Hot Sauce allowing you to perform with more impact and speed.
Tier 3 is well suited for demonstrations of skills in exhibitions.

Tier 4 is full-on fight mode.

Having the ability to go up or down a tier, allows you to always find the level, where you can maximize your development in acquiring new skills/skillsets.

Everything will be laid out for you, so all you have to do, is to follow the process:


We start with the fundamentals, the essentials.

The process you follow entails you following a program.

You work on developing skills. Some repeat from lesson to lesson and some follow the theme for that lesson.

Skills and Skillsets:

All of the individual skills you learn are part of a skillset.

Examples of Skillsets are:

Punch logistics
Pivot circuits
Slip Circuit
Heavy Bag
Mitt Work
Shadow Boxing
And the list goes on……

You work on skills until they become muscle memory, then you combine them into skillsets.

Once you gain sufficient mastery of a skillset, then you begin to combine skillsets together.

When skillsets such as footwork are combined fluently with offensive and defensive skillsets, then you are on your way to becoming a complete boxer.

In addition to the skills/skillsets you learn, you will also learn concepts and tactics.


Concepts and Tactics:


Now you will learn about concepts and tactics.

What are concepts and tactics?


A good example of a concept could be: The Geometry of the Boxstep.

One of the first things you learn in Boxing is the very fundamental Boxstep.

But when you learn the Geometry of the Boxstep as a concept, then you will not only learn the how.
You will also learn the why and you will learn variations in abundance, you will learn applications reaching far further than you could imagine.

Another good example of a concept could be: Game planning

You will learn how to construct a solid game plan.
You will learn step by step how to start the first round, how to shift to the next step, and how to finish strong.
You learn how to spot exactly what you need to change in the fight, and you learn a precise vocabulary, that will help you simplify your decision-making until you eventually can do this without thought.


Other concepts could be Timing, Distance, Weight Transfer, Setting Traps……….



A good example of tactics could be: Styles of Boxing.

You will learn different styles such as:

Classic Boxing
Philly Shell
Peek A Boo
Muhammed Ali - Ring generalship

When you learn a style, you learn the style from A to Z, starting with the fundamentals and finishing with the concepts and tactics.

You will learn the strengths and weaknesses of each style. You will learn the how and you will learn the why.

You will also learn to combine the different styles to great effect, which I think i a unique trade, you can learn here.

In conclusion:

It’s is hard to pick one aspect to highlight, but if I was to pick one, it would have to be footwork.


Footwork provides both offense and defense. Footwork keeps you safe and it provides openings.

You will learn by following/embracing the process.

You will get a complete education in all aspects of boxing.


You will learn that there are levels to this game and you will learn to elevate your game as well as the game of others.

You will learn new skills across the board.

You will gain muscle memory. Muscle Memory gained - is yours for life.

You will learn - The Right Way - The Pugilist Way.

Hybrid Skjold FAD.png
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