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Finding the Right Coach

The coach I found in 52 Blocks was:
Founder and CEO of 52 Handblocks INC, Coach Lyte Burly.


Lyte Burly learned 52 Blocks the traditional way in his community growing up. Lyte Burly had other coaches who influenced his 52 Blocks.

Lyte Burly was introduced to Mr. Wilson Pitts by another great coach, Mr. Roberto Sharp.

Roberto Sharp:

Mr. Sharp studied under Wilson Pitts, Ron Van Clief, and Renzo Gracie.

Mr. Sharp is a Master of Capoeira.
He also studied Moy Yat Wing Chun and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Wilson Pitts:
Lyte Burly’s 52 Blocks was influenced by Mr. Wilson Pitts who taught Lyte the value of Boxing.
In his early years, Mr. Wilson Pitts trained in Joe Frazier's Gym in Philadelphia, where he was taught by Eddie Futch and George Benton.

Mr. Wilson Pitts taught Lyte Burly, the value of Boxing and instilled in Lyte Burly that he had an obligation not to let his knowledge of 52 Blocks go lost.

Inspired by Mr. Wilson Pitts, Lyte Burly added his now comprehensive knowledge of Boxing to his 52 Blocks and set about creating the first curriculum of 52 Blocks, which he formed into his Online Course -


The Online Course is where I got certified as a Coach in 52 Blocks, in fact, I was the first one to complete the course and pass all 5 tests, to become certified.



The coach I found in Boxing was:
Founder and CEO of Master Boxing, Coach Eric A Bradley.

Coach Eric A Bradley is a 3rd. generation pugilist and coach, with a solid lineage. From a young age, he has devoted his life to the pursuit of the complete mastery of boxing. He has trained at the highest level.


This training has lead to Coach Eric now being in a position, where he is in high demand in all levels of boxing. He is one of a very select group of elite coaches in the world.

If the best boxers in the world need someone to run a camp in preparation for a big fight, coach Eric is on a shortlist of people to run such a camp.

Coach Eric A Bradley has the respect of his peers, such as the president of WBC Mauricio Sulaiman, World Champions, top officials, top referees, top judges, top promoters, other top coaches and the list goes on…..

Coach Eric created Master Boxing and The School of Boxing for the betterment of boxing.

Coach Eric has started these programs to ensure that future coaches, coming out of these programs, are on the highest level.

They will not be producing boxers, they will be producing pugilists in the truest sense of the word.

When you raise the level of coaching, then you raise the level of boxing as a whole.

Under the banner of Master Boxing, Coach Eric A Bradley formed The School Of Boxing - #TSOB

This is where I learned Boxing and became a certified Boxing Coach.


You need great instructors/coaches in order to learn.
If you are a serious student, then I can provide such a service.

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