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In 1979, when the club was around a year old, there was a new addition to the kids class, which was Flemming.
It was soon apparent, that Flemming had an interest, that surpassed the norm.
This was an interest, that was to last, for all the years Flemming was in the club.

During the time, Flemming was in the club, he excelled by being a tireless instructor for the kids class, the youth class, and the adult class, oftentimes teaching all three classes, back to back, grabbing a quick meal, while the adult class did warm-ups.

Flemming had a unique ability to understand and break down techniques and he could teach them to people of all levels, he had a gift for seeing, what different people needed, for them to learn a technique.
Learning the techniques was not always enough for Flemming, he would often try to modify and improve techniques and he did so with success, adding value to the system.

We had several visits to our friendship club in Munich, Germany, where Flemming freely shared his experience by participating as well as instructing.

After 18 years, Flemming said his goodbyes to the club and to me, seeking new challenges, to expand his martial knowledge, in the form of Ashihara Karate.

Flemming helped shape the club and we wished him all the best in his future martial endeavors.

Poul Nielsen, 3th Degree Black Belt
Sei Bu Kai Jiu-Jitsu

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