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I Am LYTE BURLY, 52 teacher and founder of 52 HANDSBLOCKS INC.

and creator of the online course that teaches 52BLOCKS.

When I first thought about starting an online course I wasn’t too sure how effective it would be. I learned from teachers in person and this new way of getting the information out was different from how I learned.

Then there was a student, he washed away all of my doubts on online teaching, his name is FLEMMING LARSEN, through his diligent work he shot thru all of the lessons and was the first person ever certified through my course.


By doing that he gave me the confidence to speak highly of my course and know you can learn the information if you apply yourself.

He is an instructor of the art of 52BLOCKS now and has reached the level where he can go into the world and make more students. I'm proud and honored to know him, he is one of my top students, and if you get a chance to take a class, now you are in capable hands, so in short words, LYTE BURLY APPROVES THIS MESSAGE...LGD

Coach Lyte Burly, founder, and CEO, 52 Handblocks Inc.

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